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Transitional Fonts for Emerging Writers

Transitional Fonts for Emerging Writers, designed by Kim Voss (Ashley's Mom) and published by Mayer-Johnson Co., is a series of 12 fonts to help students transition from block printing to a cursive style of handwriting. As quickly as School Fonts for Beginning Writing were being used by parents and professionals for designing custom educational materials, requests began for another set of fonts in the modern manuscript style of handwriting. The modern manuscript style requires few pencil lifts, creating smooth writing flow and reducing letter reversals. All but 5 letters (f, i, j, t, and x) are formed with a single continuous stroke.

Click here for a sample pdf of all 12 fonts.

To ORDER, contact Mayer-Johnson LLC by calling 1-800-588-4548 or 1-858-550-0084. Or visit their web site to request a catalog, print out an order form to order by FAX, or order on line.

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